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How did I acquire Constellation Energy shares?

The Exelon Board of Directors made the decision to spin-off Constellation Energy as a separate publicly traded entity. Exelon shareholders at the close of business on January 20, 2022 received 1 share of Constellation Energy for 3 shares of Exelon held in their name on the record date. The distribution of shares commenced on February 1, 2022.

The Constellation distribution carried over your preferences such as dividend distribution from Exelon.

What is Constellation’s stock symbol? Where is it traded?

The trading symbol for Constellation is CEG. Shares of Constellation trade on Nasdaq and are subject to the rules of that market.

I received only whole shares of Constellation when the split calculation resulted in fractional shares for distribution. Why?

No fractional shares of Constellation Energy were distributed at the event. Any fractional shares were paid prorated cash in lieu of stock. The cash in lieu amount was $53.7996.

Who is Constellation’s transfer agent? How do I contact them?

EQ is our transfer agent. Constellation’s dedicated phone number is 1.833.914-2120. Representatives are available 7a – 7p CT Monday through Friday. The automated information (stock price, dividend details) is available 24/7. Shareholders can establish on-line access to their information at

Can I purchase additional CEG shares without having a broker? Can I sell shares through the Plan?

Yes. The Constellation Direct Stock Purchase Plan permits new investment as well as additional purchases by existing shareholders. Plan shares can be sold through the Plan as well. The Plan document including fees can be accessed at:

Does Constellation pay a dividend and how often?

Constellation does pay a dividend at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Historically, the dividend has occurred in March, June, September and December.

How do I transfer my Constellation shares or send them to my broker?

Contact EQ Shareowner Services at 1.833.914.2120 for assistance.

How do I determine the cost basis of my Constellation shares?